Differently from garments which are treated with cosmetic additives, clothes with

Emana® have permanent effects which do not fade even after several washes. Very elastic and adherent, with no seams in contact to the skin, DoubleSkin products guarantee a perfect fitting and maximum comfort

Products made with WKS technology are snag resistant and can be modified in all lengths accordingly to customers’ own needs. Cut garments do not break and can be left raw-cut.

Doubleskin garments perfectly follow every movement self-adapting to the body like a second skin

WKS characteristics permit to optimize Emana benefits on microcirculation

Anallergic: Emana has Oekotex certification which guarantees that the interaction with Emana and body skin is exclusively physical, with no chemical interaction.

CIFRA has patented the use of EMANA® on its knitting machines

Check the patent: CLICK HERE

EMANA® is a polyammide yarn with bioactive crystals embedded in its DNA.

DOUBLESKIN with Emana® absorbs the warmth of the human body and returns it to the skin in the form of far infrared rays which stimulate microcirculation, thus using body heat to improve the skin well-being.


Check the technical report on EMANA®: CLICK HERE



Crystal are permanently embedded in the yarn which permits to maintain the product’s efficacy unchanged over time.

No application of additive on finished garments

The properties of DS products are everlasting and even after unlimited washes

These garments are easy to wash, dry fast and do not need ironing. No chemical migration  during washing this way being an environmentally low impact fiber


Its use is not recommended in case of skin lesions and during pregnancy (due to lack of testing on pregnant women)

Yes, DOUBLESKIN products are avaible at these points of sale